Fan Reviews

Here are some fans’ comments. If you’d like to add your own, please email Doug at He loves hearing from his fans!

“I first saw Houser play his guitar acoustically at Benicia High School in 1995. I was a 16-year-old student at the time, thrilled to watch him play, even before he eventually became my favorite teacher. As a teacher, Mr. Houser was, and is still respected and admired by all wise enough to appreciate his engaging personality and efforts to make challenging subjects interesting and entertaining.

In 21 years (and counting), I’ve seen Doug play his guitar literally hundreds of times in dozens of different venues of all shapes and sizes all over Northern California. I have NEVER been disappointed by a performance.

Doug’s world class skillset (proved by the personal compliments from living legends of music) is surpassed only by his gentlemanly congeniality.

For 20+ years, from the “storm of life,” Houser’s music has been and continues to be a sanctuary of peace, happiness and harmony.

Thank you Houser.” – Jason
“We’ve had parties with Doug that were so much fun that our guests never want to leave. We always enjoy Doug wherever he is playing, but our favorite is the Sunday afternoon sing along in Yountville at the V wine bar.” – Nancy
“I first encountered Doug in the fall of 2000 as I pondered my new single life over a glass of wine at the old Wine Solutions (where The Chill now is) in Benicia. As I recall there were 2 or 3 different musicians rotating through at the time, but Doug became far and away my favorite. His music took me back to another, simpler time in life and his relaxed and friendly attitude was pleasant to be around. Fortunately, after meeting Carole and introducing her to his music she became as big a fan as I, so it was a no-brainer to surprise her by having Doug play at her 60th birthday bash. We have traveled near (Danville) and far (Yountville) and most places in between to enjoy his guitar playing and vocals and the camaraderie of other ‘Doug-heads’!” – Bill
“Having enjoyed Doug’s music now for 8 years, I must say what joy it has given me. The memories, nostalgia, and soothing essence of it is always to be looked forward to, whenever we can get out and see him. It is impossible to not sing along at times and feel happy! I was lucky to have Doug play for my 60th birthday party at a Country Club. Everyone enjoyed listening to him.  The little children, bigger kids, and us older generation all agreed that he was the perfect addition to a wonderful occasion!  We always enjoy his wide range of music, going all the way back from the 1950s to now. We call him a gifted entertainer and friend.”   – Carole
“I enjoy Doug’s engagement with the audience, accepting requests and making jokes, which makes the experience more personal and friendly. Watching “a Doug show” is like having a good buddy stop by and play in your living room because the venues he chooses are intimate and the audiences small. When listening and watching Doug play and sing, it’s clear he loves and respects the music and original artists by reproducing their hits accurately, while simultaneously enhancing the music with his own amazing talent!” – Gregg
“In April of 2013, we took our daughter, then 17 years old, to Rocco’s Pizzeria, a rare all-ages venue, that offers live music. We had had a great deal of trouble in the past finding a local band or musician in the East Bay that plays covers from our high school years, so to be honest, we weren’t expecting much. Wow were we shocked! Song after song, we all sang along. For years, our daughter had listened to our music, so even she knew the words to some of the songs by The Eagles, The Beatles, Paul Simon, and many others.

Since then, we have followed Doug around as groupies to venues in Danville, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Dublin, Napa, Yountville, and Tiburon. We go to as many of his public gigs as we can. With his ever growing song list (440 songs as of this writing), it is never the same set list. Doug has a style of his own. It is amazing how he captures the feel of an entire band with just his guitar. We look forward to his frequent new additions to the list!

In addition to listening to Doug, we have met many other “DougHeads” that regularly go to see him, and have had fun being included in their fun energetic community. We are often teased for being newcomers, since many of them have been following him around for 10 or more years! We have listened to the best music of our lives, made many new friends, eaten great food and had the best wine and cocktails we have ever had at the venues he plays.” – The Porters
“I have been listening to Doug Houser play for many years. I first heard him at Wine Solutions (which later became The Chill) in about 2001 when I started coming over to Benicia. I moved to Benicia in 2002 and have heard him in many venues, primarily the Rellik Tavern. I have also heard him play at Rocco’s in Walnut Creek and V Wine Cellar in Yountville. He has played at a couple of house parties that I have held and others I have been a guest at. I am a HUGE Neil Young fan and he has learned many of Neil’s songs at my request, including Cowgirl in the Sand which is my favorite. He has a very versatile voice and style. I enjoy listening to him as often as I can which is usually a couple of times a month.” – Paul